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Organizational Analysis & Performance Reviews

The staff at Urban Futures, Inc. is well versed in the complexities of organizational systems, processes, procedures and services. By analyzing existing operations, we can assist in identifying systems and service overlaps and gaps. Our firm can then develop methods that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

Such an analysis includes meetings with staff, and depending on the nature of the assignment, elected officials, or other appropriate stakeholders in order to understand how work assignments flow through the work unit and/or the organization at large. Once efficiencies are developed, our experienced staff will assist in the implementation of improved systems and service delivery, as well as the establishment of performance indicators that will measure such improvements.

Urban Futures, Inc. Corporate Office: 17821 E 17th St, Suite 245 Tustin, CA 92780
Northern California Office: 1470 Maria Lane, Suite 315, Walnut Creek, CA 94596